Efficient and stress free Tenant CAM billing process

Creating accurate Tenant CAM Reconciliations and Bills does not have to be a challenge. LPRD simplifies the entire process for optimal returns – no hassle required.

Leases are multifaceted documents with many provisions. The analysts at LPRD accurately calculates each Tenant’s pro-rata percentage, make necessary adjustments to expense allocations, factor in management fees and/or administrative fees and address other unique lease stipulations.


We always found CAM reconciliations to be overwhelming for our back office and burdensome to our asset managers. We have been working with LPRD for many years and as soon as we learnt that they offer CAM services, we jumped at the opportunity to use them. And for the price, it would be almost impossible to justify doing it internally. Additionally, we found that LPRD’s breadth of experience allowed them to advise us when we ran into more complicated scenarios. It is also nice to be able to present our tenants with numbers calculated by a third party doing thousands of CAM recs a year.