Real Diligence's team is adept at creating Argus Runs. Argus Software is the industry standard cash flow projection, transaction analysis and asset valuation solution for multi-tenant commercial and residential properties.  Real Diligence's team is adept at using Argus to:

  • Quickly and accurately analyze commercial real estate assets and transactions
  • Understand market realities and risks
  • Develop leasing strategies, business and marketing plans
  • Forecast property cash flows
  • Calculate investment values and returns
  • Share asset and transactional data with clients, partners and colleagues
  • Provide customized dashboard visibility into properties and portfolios.

Argus Discrepancy Report

As a limited due diligence option, Real Diligence is proud to offer an Argus Discrepancy Report. This report is geared for companies that either opt to conduct their own due diligence review or require a limited review.  In essence, our Argus Discrepancy Report compares - per tenant - term, income and reimbursement information provided within an Argus model to existing financial property documents, either validating the Argus information or highlighting areas of discrepancies that warrant further investigation. For companies conducting their own due diligence, this report can be a useful tool to insure that all potential discrepancies are captured. In situations where only a limited due diligence analysis is needed, this report provides a solid basic review.

Real Diligence's Proprietary Software

Real Diligence has also developed its own proprietary Real Diligence Cash-Flow software that it uses to conduct a careful analysis of the property's historical data, financial documents and lease information. This platform enables Real Diligence to investigate presented data and to make a determination as to the actual verifiable value of the property. Real Diligence then incorporates realistic market lease assumptions into its model to generate a five year cash flow projection.  The Real Diligence cash flow model provides a solution for those investors who prefer an integrated approach to valuation that is more readily explainable than Argus.