Our Organization:  Madison Commercial Real Estate Services

Real Diligence, LLC is affiliated with Madison Commercial Real Estate Services (MCRES), an umbrella organization that offers an array of expert services targeted to the commercial real estate market. Each company excels in a highly specialized segment of the real estate industry.

In addition to Real Diligence, the Madison family of independent but complementary companies includes:

Madison Title Agency, LLC

Madison Title Agency, LLC,

a full-service nationwide title agency, handling more than 10,000 transactions a year to facilitate both commercial and residential real estate transactions of all sizes. With an in-house legal staff supported by more than 100 title professionals, Madison Title provides exceptional service to clients, resolving title issues professionally, accurately and quickly.

Madison Exchange, LLC

Madison Exchange, LLC,

the leader in the area of §1031 exchanges. The company is known not only for its up-to-the-minute knowledge of the relevant tax regulations and best practices, but also for its creativity—its unique ability to structure even the most complex projects to qualify under the IRS §1031 guidelines.

Madison Specs, LLC

Madison SPECS, LLC,

or Specialized Property Engineering & Cost Segregation, a leading provider of cost segregation studies. These specialized evaluations of buildings or other real estate properties combine tax and engineering expertise to separate out those assets that qualify for accelerated depreciation. The result is a reduction in taxable income and lower taxes.

Lease Probe, LLC

LeaseProbe, LLC,

a company that produces customized commercial lease abstracts with speed and precision. LeaseProbe is the only company in the United States devoted solely to the production of commercial lease abstracts. With over 100 full-time abstractors, LeaseProbe delivers high quality, low cost abstracts with unrivalled turn-around time.



is the nation’s leader in searching, retrieving and digitally storing real estate documents post-closing for lenders, servicers and investors. DocProbe obtains, tracks, scans and warehouses documents including Mortgages, Title Policies, POAs, CEMA’s, UCC’s and Assignments. Custom processes are strategically built to meet each client’s specific needs, budget and service level. Our document retrieval and storage support allows clients to focus on their core competencies.