As a real estate investment group, Nightingale Properties relies heavily on its due diligence process to confirm that it is making sound, profitable investments for itself and its partners. Real Diligence’s in-depth review ensures we fully understand any property prior to closing and allows us to focus on the areas that need to be addressed immediately thereafter.

Simon Singer

Nightingale Properties, LLC
New York, New York

We are closing this week on the property for which you did the financial due diligence. In preparation, I wanted to get a complete understanding of how to bill the tenants and get a full understanding their leases in detail. I've been reviewing your Executive Summary and Reports...charts, graphs, abstracts, etc...They are a tremendous help—so easy to understand! I am so glad that we used Real Diligence to perform our financial due diligence, lease abstracts and CAM audit. Thanks.

Abby Linksy

Goldmont Realty Corp
Brooklyn, New York